Monday, April 13, 2009


After a sumptuous lunch, (as we were not allowed to fall into the sweet siesta slumbers, so ...) we friends were discussing the kind of questions that we tend to discuss when in such state - questions about God, Man and Men (as well as women or rather the Human type...).

The one on the table was - "How can there be the same divine self experience across all the bodies. Every body (and even every leaf of a tree ...) is different from each other. What is the 'oneness' that these spiritual types talk about? How can you say God is one and the same across all, while I can't see anyone like any other!"

The answer too came as smoothly as the dish of fruits that made its appearance on the coffee table (Perhaps the intention was that, we would stuff our mouths with fruits and hopefully stop giving heavy doses of philosophy to the 'free' audience. This intention did indeed succeed! But not before the answer...)

So the answer that came was - 'Consider a dish with an apple. If we remove the apple, the dish will have ... no apple (or zero apple). Now lets consider the same dish with an orange. Now a dish with an orange is not the same as a dish with an apple (I don't want to go down the history as one who compared apples vs. oranges, or for that matter apples vs. apples or oranges vs oranges). What if we t off the only orange from the plate. Now you have a plate with zero orange. But wait... does it not look the same as the plate with zero apple! So plate with one apple is not = a plate with one orange. But as they reach their respective zeros, the equation suddenly turns over its head and under its toes. So, plate with zero apple is = plate with zero orange is = plate with zero banana is = plate with no known as well as unknown fruit and so on ...'

Whenever we are searching within ourselves, to find ourselves, what we get is - nothing. And isn't this nothing the same for everything? Everything's 'nothing' is same as anything's 'nothing'!

Let us all do/see/experience/taste 'nothing'. Because that is one thing which is common amongst all of us. Once we reach there, then, nothing else remains to be achieved!

happy thoughts!

Thursday, October 09, 2008


There is a gruesome story that I had heard in my childhood. The story goes like this -

A village household has been blessed with a baby boy. Apart from the proud father & mother there is a pet mongoose (arch rival of the cobra / snakes) which is a part of the family. One day, while the father is working on farm, mother has to go out for some household chore. She goes away with full confidence that, the mongoose would save her baby from any harm. But to her horror, she returns to see the mongoose sitting at the doorstep with blood stained mouth and claws. The first thought that crosses her mind is - mongoose has killed their only son! With this seeming breach of trust, the grief-struck mother kills the mongoose with a stone from the street. As she rushes in the house, she is shocked to see her dear son sleeping calmly and a venomous cobra lying dead nearby. She immediately understands her 'misunderstanding' but alas - the act can not be reversed. There is nothing left for her to do but repent on her foolish thoughtless action.

Even though the story paints grotesque pictures, the picture it paints is that of a folly that influences us humans time and again. We too opine immediately - stamp every incident, event, news, action, sentence, word, thought or person as 'good' or 'bad' - without even a single moment's consideration! This hits most specially when we look at our life and ideas of success. What is life? Is it just the time that passes between two events viz. birth of our physical body and its death! What if this was not the case? What sort of foolish and thoughtless things we would do if we had such a myopic view of life?
Let's look at the same story sanitized and presented in today's parlance!

She had a tough day in the office. 'What a pathetic bunch of losers we have in this madhouse called the office! Why does this always happen with me? All this also might have been bearable, if only my man had some understanding. But here we have Mr. Male Ego personified at home. I don't even want to look at his face when I go back, specially after last night's spat. I hope he has some pathetic office party to attend today...' - Her chain of thoughts was somewhere here, as she stopped in her tracks in front of the flat's door when she was about to take out the key from her purse. What made her pause was the sound of her husband, she strained her ears and could catch phrases such as "... love you so much..., ... can't really... , mean the world.., .. my love..." Now, anger flaring up in her heart, she started peeping through the key-hole to see what exactly is going on. She could only see her husband's face partially, he seemed to try to convince someone of his love! 'See his spunk! In our own house, he is confessing his love to someone else.... ' With boiling wrath, she opened the door and in a single sweep hurled her right sandal at him, shooting him with choicest curses to top it off! As she opened her eyes to see the full scene, she was embarrassed to the tip of her toe in her left sandal, that was still left in her left foot. Mr. Hubby was practicing the dialogues that he wanted to say to 'her', in front of the mirror - which now reflected a man clutching his head with his hands!

Do you see what we don't see? Let's try to see the full scene. Let's try to see the life as it is. Let's try to see the light as it is and not get entangled in the darkness which is not there! In fact, what is darkness but lack of light? What is coldness, but lack of warmth? Darkness is not 'something' that is opposite of light. Cold is not something which is enemy of 'heat'; it is just the lack of heat that we term as cold.

Before taking any decision. Pause. See if you have seen everything there is to be seen. Try seeing what we don't see! Seeing is believing`? Nah! See it fully before you even think of believing it partially...

happy thoughts!

Sunday, November 04, 2007


As i was remembering my teacher from High School- one of his teachings in geometry sprung up suddenly and fit itself in the analogy for life.

So what is life? The life is a triangle tangle.

Life contains many triangles, the love triangle, the equality (equilateral) triangle, the right (as well as wrong) angled triangle and to top it off the trinity (Father Son & Holy Ghost / Brahma, Vishnu & Mahesh) triangle.

Each incident that happens in our life cajoles, pushes, begs, shakes us up to make us think - 'how does it make sense?' As a hypothesis, in terms of geometry-of-life, lets say this translates to 'this will make sense - when i find such a pair of the 2 sides (another possibility) of this triangle (incident) whose sum is less than the third side (the side which i traversed just now as part of the incident)..

Too heavy? Ok. Here is a step-by-step version.

Problem in Geometry: Find the 2 sides of a triangle, whose sum is less than (shorter than) the third side.

Problem in Life: Whatever happened is not right. There is some other better way in which it should have happened. Why did it happen this way? What better way it would have happened? (Which other 2 sides would add up to be shorter than the third side?)

So what do people do to solve the problem? They try and get on to the next level all over the life OR get blessed with Grace, start praying for Guru and reach the 7th heaven (Level 7)!

Where do you fit?

Level 1: Take one triangle at time. Try to make the sum of 2 sides and compare with third side. Somehow (!!) the sum of lengths of 2 sides does not even come down to the length of the third. in life - whatever happens never fits our wishes, and the folks start becoming sensitive about it. Result-> anger, worry and fear!

Level 2: Use imagination. Try many different options (the remaining two sides with different lengths). Now we are getting different lengths but none of them less than the side with which we compare. Here is where the person tests the limits of intellect. An intellectual approach indeed; but try asking if anyone has got a final solution. Here some folk create some complex formulae and fluctuate randomly comparing totals.

Level 3: Use experience. Now, after trying out many many combinations. Some people understand this principle - the wider the angle of the two sides (the broader the viewpoint, the better we feel about any incident / person), somehow the approach brings the sum to closer length to the third side but still is greater than the third side. So now those folks move nearer to accepting whatever happened, but not completely yet!!

Level 4: With experience. Another truth that dawns up is - try whatever we may, the sum of 2 sides is never going below the third side. Still we come close enough sometimes. So - may be our intellect is not sufficient, may be some one needs to TEACH us. As this humility rises in life, so does the Geometry Teacher (Guru) start appearing! Now, when you go to the class - the geometry teacher teaches "Sum of 2 sides of a triangle is always greater than the third side". in other words he asks the question "What can be better than the best?" - So here person starts contemplation.

Level 5: Some more experience and application of the 'teaching' convince the person that whatever Guru says is right and there have never been and there never will be any other 2 sides of the triangle which would be shorter than the third side. Third side is shortest. Whatever has happened is - exactly what should have happened. With this acceptance -person is happy.

Level 6: Some people still keep on thinking about the puzzle and now the question is 'why in the first place were we given this puzzle?' and 'what sense does this tangle make?' they go to Guru again and again and try to find answers. Guru teaches, learn 2 things - (1) Graduate to 3 dimensional view (understand time) from 2 dimensional view. (2) The shortest distance between 2 points in a 3D world is a straight line. Some keep practicing and experiencing this principle. This further takes them towards the reality.

Level 7: Now, the Guru says at the 'right moment'- 'imagine a line which is infinitely long and what position you need to take so as to see all the points in this infinite at once'. The person realizes that there is only 1 position from where you can see all the points at once. Be a point on line. Be in present. Be the line!

Here is wishing all the best for each player of the 'Triangle Tangle' that each one may 'get the point'!

Happy Thoughts,

Friday, September 07, 2007


Here are some thoughts on what they meant by 'forgive and forget' when they started saying it. (And why it is better than 'give and get' and of course 'get and give' or 'get and get' .......)

For-give = Give 'before' you get
Means: Give love, compassion, trust etc before getting back (or irrespective of not getting) any love,compassion, trust in return.

For-get = Get 'before' you get
Means: After you really forgive, you get the "happiness released when you give" even before getting the love, compassion, trust, or a simple thank-you (or irrespective of not getting even a thanks).

If you notice here, none of the 2 activities are really dependent on 'others' and hence can be done without giving any reasons (pointing fingers). It is very very simple, but for our bloated egos that we have to carry on our heads.

Here is a recent conversation with a Rikshawallah (RW) which made me think. Let me know what this makes you think?

RW: Sir, we really don't see decent customers like you anymore these days!! (I had just taken a seat, we had not even seen each other's faces. Means, he had something that he wanted to say and i happened to be there)

ME:hmmm... (best reply)

RW: Take the case of that girl, seemed well educated, from good family too... (etc etc... basically the girl boarded auto after getting down from a bus; half way to her home remembered that she forgot important documents in bus; asked the RW to drive back as fast as possible; he did it irrespective of danger of accident, getting caught - then reached the bus just as it had started; then drove her back to home... at the end after dropping, RW says....) ... I quoted exactly the fare as per the meter and this girl... she asked for the fare card to verify it! She paid it and went even without saying 'thanks'!

ME: many interspersed sounds akin to hmmm... and oh...

RW: Now I have taken a vow to not help any one... it is just fruitless.

ME: Why?

RW: (Gave me a look like 'ramayan dekhne ke baad puchta hai ram ki sita koun ??!!)

ME: Ok. i understand that you have taken a lot of trouble but she has not been good to you.... but we whatever good we do to others it may come our way from someone else... remember people who have been helpful to you and for whom you had not been able to do anything... (here i saw him move little... ) and when you did it - did you do it thinking that she will say thank you or pay you extra 50 Rs. ?? if not then why are you worrying now. When you took this additional trouble - didn't you feel happy just because you helped her in her time of need?

RW: You are right! (Now my turn to get surprised) I have wasted my whole day thinking on this episode. Now I am feeling better, it is not necessary that she only should give gratitude back to me - it can come any way!

To tell you all the truth, these thoughts just sprang out while talking to the Rikshawallah. But felt that, it is worth noting down; who knows someone might read this and may be it will make (the rest of…) his day (or life)!

happy thoughts!