Monday, April 13, 2009


After a sumptuous lunch, (as we were not allowed to fall into the sweet siesta slumbers, so ...) we friends were discussing the kind of questions that we tend to discuss when in such state - questions about God, Man and Men (as well as women or rather the Human type...).

The one on the table was - "How can there be the same divine self experience across all the bodies. Every body (and even every leaf of a tree ...) is different from each other. What is the 'oneness' that these spiritual types talk about? How can you say God is one and the same across all, while I can't see anyone like any other!"

The answer too came as smoothly as the dish of fruits that made its appearance on the coffee table (Perhaps the intention was that, we would stuff our mouths with fruits and hopefully stop giving heavy doses of philosophy to the 'free' audience. This intention did indeed succeed! But not before the answer...)

So the answer that came was - 'Consider a dish with an apple. If we remove the apple, the dish will have ... no apple (or zero apple). Now lets consider the same dish with an orange. Now a dish with an orange is not the same as a dish with an apple (I don't want to go down the history as one who compared apples vs. oranges, or for that matter apples vs. apples or oranges vs oranges). What if we t off the only orange from the plate. Now you have a plate with zero orange. But wait... does it not look the same as the plate with zero apple! So plate with one apple is not = a plate with one orange. But as they reach their respective zeros, the equation suddenly turns over its head and under its toes. So, plate with zero apple is = plate with zero orange is = plate with zero banana is = plate with no known as well as unknown fruit and so on ...'

Whenever we are searching within ourselves, to find ourselves, what we get is - nothing. And isn't this nothing the same for everything? Everything's 'nothing' is same as anything's 'nothing'!

Let us all do/see/experience/taste 'nothing'. Because that is one thing which is common amongst all of us. Once we reach there, then, nothing else remains to be achieved!

happy thoughts!

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